Using anchorcms as Bloggingplatform

While looking for a suitable blogging-platform I came across anchorcms and instantly fell in love with it. It is lightweight (~150Kb), responsive, has markdown-support, is open-source and highly customizable. What do you want more? Although it is still a beta-version it was easy to install and customize it. And if you don't want to use the default theme nor want to create a theme yourself you can download additional themes from github.
The installation was done within 5 minutes, I just had to fix 2 small syntax-errors (an unhandled exception due to a missing single-quote in \anchor\config\app.php at line 5 and the auto-generated .htacces-file had a backslash instead of a slash at the RewriteBase-line).
In the backend - which is btw self-explaining and beautiful - you can manage your blog-posts, comments, stand-alone-pages, categories, users and extensions. All of these menus provide only necessary functions withouth bothering you with thousands of options you would never use.

I just started blogging but I will write updates about anchor as soon as I gained more experience with it. I also plan to use it for my customers if it fits to their projects.

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